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Érdeklődés "Do you want a powerful instrument for little money?"

Feladó: EdwinEvern
Tárgy: Do you want a powerful instrument for little money?

Üzenet törzse:
Did you know that it’s possible to see through the ground?
Let us introduce to you a high-speed deep scanning Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) GEORA X20 (

Have a look at how easy the device works
Different objects and structures can be seen without intruding into the environment. If you work in the spheres of geology, archeology, construction, do an expertise, research, monitoring (of the roads, buildings etc.) GEORA X20 GPR can become your best helper.
We offer you to test our device for free.
The Basic set of equipment costs €5,900 (plus taxes).

Contact us:
+79771000119 (Telegram, WhatsApp)
– we will send you a detailed brochure with the technical specifications.