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Érdeklődés "We need your response urgently"

Feladó: MariaInsus
Tárgy: We need your response urgently

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Attn: Beneficiary
THE WEB PROMOTION PROGRAM. We are pleased to inform you of the release of the results of our ES.INTERNATIONAL WEB PROMOTION PROGRAM. The result was released on the 28 OF OCTOBER 2019. Your e-Website was attached to ticket number 902089237-067 drew lucky numbers 9-24-06-18-05-26. Which consequently won our website lottery program in the 2nd category. Your website has therefore won the sum of €1, 710, 460.00. for you CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!!!

All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 website addresses All over the world as part of our international website promotion program.
To start your lottery claim and also for more enlightenment regarding to this, kindly contact your agent; PEDRO PEREZ, FOREIGN OPERATION MANAGER OF PRUDENTIAL SEGUROS S.A. By TELEPHONE N?: +34 631 692 612, Email:
Please fills the payment processing form below and retunes it to your claims agent to this email: Congratulations once again.
Beneficiary Full name: ——————– Website: ——————–
Email Address: ————————– Tel: ————————–
Nationality: ———————— Mode of Payment: ———-
Sincerely yours,